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Your Relationship With You Is As Vital As Your Relationship With Others

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Front door of the Jeffrey Center with tree branches hanging in frontPart of being passionate, curious, and intelligent is the tendency to experience emotional ups and downs. Despite all the great things you do, you might still feel sad or worried. Or you might have trouble keeping certain important relationships smooth and happy.

(You might even get a bit of the ol’ existential dread!)

Throwing yourself into your hobbies and friendships certainly helps, but there is often something missing. You need to find your own source of grounding, peace, and confidence that you’re on the right track in your life.

Roy Huggins, LPC NCC

Everyone deserves happiness, and I believe that everyone can achieve it through important insights, the right therapies, and a solid relationship with someone who is there just to help you. It would be my honor to be that person, and to work with you to find the inner resources you need to keep you on your wonderful, passionate track to making a better world.


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