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I know that a safe and healing environment is one of the greatest places to be, and I love to provide that.

Based on my academic knowledge, professional experience, and personal work in psychotherapy, sports, language learning and other realms, I’ve come to understand how confidence in your ability to grow is life-changing. With the right helper, we can do amazing things.

I’ve been counseling in Portland for over 7 years, and my therapy style is highly relationship-oriented. In addition to my core training, I have received training and supervision in Internal Family Systems therapy and in Emotion Focused Couples therapy. Those are the main “modalities” I use to help my clients gain a sense of grounding in themselves and in their relationships with other important people.

I am an Oregon Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC.) I graduated with a Masters of Counseling from Portland State University in 2007.

I now am an adjunct instructor at Portland State University’s Department of Counselor Education where I teach Counseling ethics and an intro course on psychiatric diagnosis. I have also served as a rules advisory committee member for the Oregon Counseling licensure board.

Roy the Mental Health Information Technology Leader

So why am I “The Tech Counselor?”

Before completing graduate school, I worked as a professional Internet software developer for around 7 years (depending on how you measure.) I started learning programming in middle school where I wrote silly (but fun!) games in Pascal on a Mac Plus.

Although development was interesting, it wasn’t my calling. I went to grad school for Counseling and that changed everything… or did it?

As most techies know, you can’t escape the tech forever. Now I run a startup company called Person Centered Tech, which provides consulting and training to mental health professionals on issues of technology, security and privacy in professional practice.

This work, along with working with my counseling clients, keeps my hand in the world of tech. It also lets me use my skills as a therapist to help colleagues with important — and emotionally difficult — technical issues. It has also granted me the opportunity to be a consultant and subject matter expert on “digital ethics” issues for state and national professional associations, licensing boards, and government agencies throughout the United States. It’s good stuff.

Working on my startup has helped me gain a greater understanding of entrepreneurs and developers working in their own startups. It’s a tough road, and one that I love to help people stay on healthfully and successfully!

If I seem like I might be a good match for you as a therapist, get in touch to schedule a free 10 minute phone consultation so we can see how I can help you.

Free Phone Consult

It’s vital that your counselor be a good match for you. A bad therapist match == bad therapy and lackluster outcomes.

So to make sure we work well together, I offer a free 10-minute (or so) consultation by phone. We’ll start with that and decide how to proceed from there. So get in contact now and we’ll schedule that call.

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Signal (secure texting app):
+1 503-839-4825

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