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Geek Counseling

I am a big geek. I worked as a web programmer for 7 years, I have extensive knowledge of a variety of games, and I knew all about Lord of the Rings and the legends of Men in Black well before the movies came out. As such, I encourage fellow geeks who are seeking a like-minded counselor to come to my office.

In the past couple decades, the visibility of geeks has skyrocketed. We used to be the only kids wearing glasses (or if not glasses, long hair) and using odd things like computers. Now many of the hobbies and interests valued by geekdom are highly marketable skills. Yes, not all geeks are good with computers. But most geeks are good at specializing — we become engrossed in our interests and gain skill with them quickly. But despite the visibility, geeks are still rather misunderstood.

People who are a part of geekdom often seek out others with similar interests. There’s a desire to feel comfortable in our weirdness, or at least talk to someone who understands our references and jokes. When looking for a counselor, it’s not necessary to seek out this kind of interpersonal similarity. But if you feel like that would work better for you, schedule a phone consult to see how we match up as therapist and client.

Free Phone Consult

It’s vital that your counselor be a good match for you. A bad therapist match == bad therapy and lackluster outcomes.

So to make sure we work well together, I offer a free 10-minute (or so) consultation by phone. We’ll start with that and decide how to proceed from there. So get in contact now and we’ll schedule that call.

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Signal (secure texting app):
+1 503-839-4825

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