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Getting Started

Free Phone Consult

It’s vital that your counselor be a good match for you. A bad therapist match == bad therapy and lackluster outcomes.

So to make sure we work well together, I offer a free 10-minute (or so) consultation by phone. We’ll start with that and decide how to proceed from there. So get in contact now and we’ll schedule that call.

Before (and During) The First Session

Like any health care office, I have some intake forms for you to read, fill out, and sign. You can download them ahead of time, print, sign and bring to your first session:

When we actually meet for the first time, we’ll go over some important points from the intake forms. I’ll also explain a few things about doing therapy work with an Oregon Licensed Professional Counselor (that’s me.)

We may also do some initial work on assessing what’s going on for you and getting some history. But we’ll mostly focus on what you came in for and how I can provide it for you.

Fees and Insurance

Sessions are $125 for both individuals and couples.

While I do not bill insurance, I can provide you with documentation to get reimbursed by your insurance company.  Please check your insurance company’s policy if you plan to use this method, as requirements vary from company to company.

I accept cash or checks and all major credit cards.