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Startup and Entrepreneur Counseling

They Told You About “Imposter Syndrome,” But You Had No Idea It Would Hurt So Much

You’re ready to change the world, and your own life, in big ways. But there are so many days when you feel like a fraud.

Or maybe you know you have it right, but you’re afraid that others will never believe in you.

Either way, the process of entrepreneurship turned out to be so much more emotionally painful than you expected.

What’s more, there’s that nagging fear that you just might get what you want…

Who Would Have Thought That a Passionate, Intelligent Person Could Have a “Fear of Success?”

How ridiculous, right? Why would you work so hard if you didn’t want to succeed?

But success means keeping it going.

Sometimes success can mean compromising your values.

Success means keeping everyone convinced that you have the right idea and the right plan.

Success means being a leader to more and more people.

Success means changing and growing in ways you never thought you could while also building a whole company and “sleeping under your desk” most nights.

Everyone needs support, especially those who are running at 150% capacity all the time. Every entrepreneur needs a comfortable place and time dedicated to keeping them on track and moving towards success in their health as well as their business.

Startup life leaves so little room for healthy introspection, growth, and self care. A counseling relationship can not only provide some of this room, but it comes with warm, expert guidance to help you use it effectively.

If you’d like my support to keep you on track through your entrepreneurial journey, schedule a free consultation today.


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It’s vital that your counselor be a good match for you. A bad therapist match == bad therapy and lackluster outcomes.

So to make sure we work well together, I offer a free 10-minute (or so) consultation by phone. We’ll start with that and decide how to proceed from there. So get in contact now and we’ll schedule that call.

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